Women Empowerment Project

About the project

Two-thirds of all illiterate people are women and more than 65% of people living in the most extreme poverty globally are women and girls. Women’s empowerment is a key part of correcting this clear imbalance. Reaching gender equality and strengthening women’s rights are essential for sustainable development.

Starting point

LGL runs empowerment initiatives to promote gender equality and empower women in communities around the world. Volunteers and interns can contribute to various educational projects, such as English classes or healthcare and income generation workshops, giving women the tools they need to improve their circumstances.

Support from local communities

Finding out the main enduring barriers to education, as well as the most essential requirements to childhood development in India, was at the core of our mission here.

End result

No matter which destination you choose, with enthusiasm and determination to make a difference you’ll be able to help empower women to strive for gender equality.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”